Our work allows us to show the market the great diversity of profiles and quality of Colombian coffee that represents all the biodiversity of each of the work areas, as well as a mixture of factors that initiate in quality such as terroir, genetic materials, farm processes, agronomic work and the discipline and dedication of the coffee grower.


We develop a shared value proposal where we work hand in hand with coffee actors in the implementation of quality concepts on our farms. Therefore, the development of value is one of the driving principles of the articulated work that allows us to connect our work with market clients that are framed in producers, social projects, women’s groups, and children of coffee growers.


We are a group of farms, based on working together to build quality. In this effort
we transfer knowledge and technology, making the construction of value sustainable and inclusive, leading the implementation of proposals for the development of the coffee-growing areas where we work and spreading our passion for coffee to community. We love to work as a team with actors in the coffee value chain of the region to develop a more sustainable and fair chain


The great diversity of coffee ecosystems in our zone allows us to have a variety of
sensory profiles, highlighting the great contribution of the terroir in each origin that
we offer. Ensuring sustainability, consistency, and continuity in our commercial
operation to have stable commercial relationships over time with each of the
customers, allow us to greatly strengthen the well-being of our coffee community
and their families.

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