La Brisas


In every cup of our coffee, you’ll find the authentic flavor of the region and the passion we invest in every step of the process. From planting and caring for the coffee trees to harvesting and roasting, each stage is executed with the utmost care and attention.

Join us on this journey, exploring Las Brisas, where the land has been revitalized, the pastures reclaimed, and the coffee once again flourishes in all its glory. Discover the unique experience of a new coffee farm, rooted in tradition but always looking towards the future. Welcome to a new chapter of flavor and tradition at “Las Brisas”!

Welcome to “Las Brisas,” a reborn gem in the heart of the land, where the story of an abandoned lot has been transformed into a splendid coffee farm through the collaboration of our company, Concorde, and the vision of Mina Farm.

In a time when this land lay forgotten, we decided to take control of its destiny by rallying a group of talented and passionate individuals. Together, we have succeeded in turning what was once a mere abandoned space into a vibrant coffee farm, committed to excellence and the best practices in regional coffee production.

“Las Brisas” is not just a farm; it is a testament to resilience and collaboration. With effort and dedication, we have rescued the abandoned pastures, transforming them into fertile grounds for cultivating the finest coffee. Our farm stands as a beacon of innovation in the coffee industry, known for its advanced methods and dedication to quality.


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