Our work allows us to show the market the great diversity of profiles and quality of Colombian coffee that represents all the biodiversity of each of the work areas, as well as a mixture of factors that initiate in quality such as terroir, genetic materials, farm processes, agronomic work and the discipline and dedication of the coffee grower. 


la mina castillo Honey

Fresno Gesha

cocli Yellow bourbon

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Traceability at every step

our seed

On our farm, we select the best beans to create our own germinator to always have the strongest trees and best cup profile.

our team

We have training for each person on our team, where we teach them from planting to coffee processing and how to taste and understand the flavor and aroma of each of our coffees.

our laboratory

We have our own laboratory in which we can profile and design each coffee flavor, in addition to having the highest quality standards.

our operation

We have our national and international shipping logistics center in Quindío, in this way we support the regional industry and the growth of the coffee axis at the national level.

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