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Discover the magic of Yellow Bourbon coffees! This farm, located between 1700 and 1800 metres above sea level and continuous to La Trinidad, shares a natural forest that not only promotes sustainability and nutrition, but also enhances the unique flavour of this variety. At La Esperanza, it’s not just about processing coffee, it’s about growing plants with high quality nutrients and exceptional yields for the most exquisite flavours. Thanks to its special microclimate, this variety develops optimally

With two different harvests, the mitaca from April to May and the great harvest from October to December, La Esperanza guarantees freshness and quality in every bean. Immerse yourself in a unique experience and enjoy the freshness and quality of La Esperanza in every cup of coffee!


las brisas

Discover the exceptional taste of Las Brisas in every cup of coffee. Our farm is located in a privileged location, between 1450 and 1700 metres above sea level, providing an ideal microclimate for growing exotic varieties such as gesha and borbon. Thanks to this unique environment, we guarantee a continuous harvest and fresh raw materials throughout the year. At Las Brisas, we strive to keep our plants in optimal conditions, using both natural and planted shade to enhance soil nutrients. In addition, our diverse thermal floors ensure that our varieties develop optimally, offering the best flavours in every coffee bean. Come and experience the excellence of Las Brisas in every sip of coffee you enjoy



Located at altitudes ranging from 1700 to 1800 metres above sea level, La Trinidad is a farm that is home to the finest geshas, offering you an exceptional taste experience. Thanks to its unique microclimate, these coffee varieties thrive in an incomparable way, providing a unique sensory experience with every sip. The presence of a natural forest on the estate enhances the qualities of the plants, resulting in exceptional flavour profiles in every cup. Discover the charm of La Trinidad’s geshas, with harvests available all year round and at their best between October and December. Immerse yourself in this world of exquisite flavours that will transport you to new sensations.


Located at 1750 metres above sea level, La Carmelita is a farm that offers the perfect conditions for growing traditional varieties such as cenicafé, castillo, and varietals such as Pacamara. With guamo, walnut and cedar trees providing shade, along with plants designed to improve nitrogen absorption from the soil, our farm produces two harvests per year, generating approximately 5000 kilos of coffee per week.
La Minita’s coffees are known for their citrus and chocolate flavours, with intensities that meet the demands of large commercial companies. Discover La Minita and enjoy a coffee of exceptional quality that is sure to delight your senses.

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