In the breathtaking lands of Buenavista lies the iconic Carmelita estate, an oasis of aromas and flavors that captivate the senses of those privileged enough to visit. Here, amidst the shade of towering coffee trees, the Caturra and Geisha varieties are meticulously cultivated, two treasures of nature that render this estate unparalleled in its kind.

At Carmelita, care and attention at every stage of the process are sacred. From harvest to drying, each step is executed with precision and dedication to preserve the essence of every bean. But what truly sets Carmelita’s coffees apart are its hoyes processes, an ancestral technique that enhances the natural flavors of the beans, allowing their unique notes to fully express themselves.

The privileged altitude of the Carmelita estate plays a fundamental role in the quality of the coffee it produces. The fresh atmosphere and unique luminosity of this region create optimal conditions for the beans’ development, resulting in a high concentration of sugar that translates into an exceptionally sweet and balanced cup.

Every sip of coffee from Carmelita is an unparalleled sensory experience, a dance of flavors that transports the palate to a world of delicacy and sophistication. From the floral and fruity tones of the Geisha to the complexity and body of the Caturra, each variety tells its own story, reflecting the soul of this generous land.

At the Carmelita estate, coffee is more than just a beverage; it is the result of a shared passion for the land, hard work, and love for tradition. Each cup is a tribute to the beauty and richness of nature, a gift that invites us to savor life with all our senses.

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